Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited has 40 projects with the total installed capacity of 38,000MW, that are in the feasibility study stage, 38 projects with the total installed capacity of 40,000MW, which are under construction and 120 as-built projects with the total installed capacity of 20,000MW.

Guandi Hydropower Station

Guandi – RCC gravity dam height 168m, completed in 2011

Guandi hydropower station is the third cascade of downstream Yalong River, which is upstream cascade of Ertan hydropower station. The normal storage level is at EL.1330.0m, with a maximum dam of 168m, the total reservoir capacity is 759.7 billion m3, the catchment area above the dam site is110117km2, the average annual runoff volume reaches 45.1 billion m3. The project has a total installed capacity of 2400MW, an average annual energy output of 11767 GWh. The project was commenced on September, 2005, the first unit was put into operation in March 2012, and the last unit was connected into the grid in March 2013.

Gongzui Hydropower Station

Gravity dam height 85m, completed in 1972.
Scope of Work: Reconnaissance & Survey, Feasibility Study, Engineering, Construction Supervision.